John strive’s to provide great service through integrated assessments and plans for financial Success both for individuals, families and businesses!

Private Clients

Growth, Planning, Savings – your GPS navigational guide to Financial Success!

Thinking about your Financial Future can become overwhelming without professional guidance. While it often seems easy to open an RRSP for retirement or disability insurance for protection, or a savings account for emergency; by themselves they are only products. However; when considered and assessed together with your needs and plans short term and long term they can work strategically to accomplish tax benefits as well as asset growth and protection.

As a Certified Financial Planner, John has access to many products developed by the major fund companies and sold through Desjardins Financial Security Investment Inc. Life insurance products are sold through Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network. Having this access opens a door of multiple resources and tools to consider suitable products, develop a plan that is specialized and individualized to help reach financial goals and achieve financial success for each client.

John focuses on getting to know his clients and specializes in identifying and understanding their financial needs and desires. We all dream of a future and usually it includes more money than they have now. What sets those who are working with a Financial Planner apart from those who aren’t is the process of taking your dreams and assigning them deadlines thus turning them into goals.

In assembling a plan John follows standard protocol in formatting but specializes it in content and holdings. The relationship between client and planner is a very important one. As a client you need to work with someone you trust and value, someone you are comfortable sharing your financial past, present and future goals with. A plan can only be effective if all areas of the system are assessed. In develping and providing recommendations you will get an honest and educated recommendation that is best suited for your needs and your goals everytime. Taking your plan from paper to action is the next step and John will work with you from start to finish ensuring every area is implemeted as discussed. As your planner John is at work long after this initial meeting, he will monitor your accounts while you live your life and at regular agreed upon intervals he’ll want to meet with you to review your plan, review your objectives whether they have changed or not and make sure you are on track to achieving your goals.

With finances we all strive for success and what that looks like for each of us. How do you know when you’ve got there? When your plan’s in action, and working on your behalf, while you live your life with peace of mind.

Business Owners

As a business owner financially and for multiple companies in the past; John has a passion for making sure the Assets of the Business Owners are protected this goes deeper than having insurance on your inventory and can offer great benefit to the business longevity.

Having also worked as a corporate employee; John also understands the benefit to a company to have happy staff that both produce and are appreciated. Whatever the product we produce or sell it is our staff that drive those business sales without them we are just a company with a product. We’ve heard of franchises and of franchising a customer but I’d like to meet with you about franchising your employees helping your company achieve success via happy employees, lower turn over rates, achieving greater productivity and securing staff while rewarding loyalty.