About Us

John has spent 46 years as a member of the most important and dynamic team that has achieved so much together. Husband to his wife Joanne, they took on every new phase of life with cooperation and planning. They have successfully spent their years raising a family of three children, caring for ailing parents, weathering lay offs and career changes. The safe haven in life is their home for the past 33 years and a family cottage where they spend their free time relaxing by the lake and really enjoying the opportunity to unwind and appreciate each other’s company.

As parents they raised three children; two sons and a daughter, all grown adults pursuing careers and family life. They have just welcomed their first grandchild to the family. John and Joanne also have great family relationships and really enjoy babysitting as ‘Great Aunt Joanne and Great Uncle John’.

John has been working in finance for over 22 years and is pleased to be able to offer his services as an independent Life and Health Insurance Advisor and is a member in good standing with The Canadian Institute of Financial Planners. John has helped numerous people write their financial future and continues to have the pleasure of guiding their walk towards it. There is great satisfaction in knowing someone is protected and on their way to their financial future!

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